Graduation Day

So after a long week wait of being very, very nervous that our babies were still healthy & growing, I finally had my 8w4d ultrasound at the clinic. I had truly prepared for the worst, having been through the worst 3 previous times. Thankfully, all is still well with our lil guys (or gals). Baby A measured 8w5d and had a hr of 172. Baby B measured 8w4d and had a hr of 165. Obviously their growth is right on target and I’m told those heartbeats are great (and I refuse to Dr. Google otherwise). Unfortunately, we couldn’t see yet if they each had their own amniotic sac yet or not (which would decrease the risk to both of them). The doctor thought MAYBE she could see one individual sac, but that it was just too early. So now we’ll have to wait another 3 weeks for the NT scan to be sure. 

I was hoping to milk the clinic for one more ultrasound, but she said it was time to graduate me just to my OBGYN (and eventually a MFM dr. as well). So I was congratulated, handed some baby magazine, and sent on my way. A fertility clinic graduate, put that on my resume! Anyway, you’d think that’d be a big milestone, but it just feels kinda empty to me. Of course I am thrilled we’ve gotten nothing but good results so far, but I just can’t help but still be skeptical. Granted, we are already farther than 2 of my 3 last pregnancies. I think perhaps after the NT scan I’ll allow myself to believe its real (assuming we get another good report card).

I’m so very relieved that everything is still ok. And the morning sickness is starting to kick in a bit, which is such a nice reminder that hopefully things are working as they should. So we just continue to wait, hope & pray! Thanks for all of your support! 


7ish week ultrasound

Today was a big day for us. Today was the day we hoped to see our babies heartbeats! From the studies I’ve read, the heartbeat at 6-7 weeks can tell you a lot about the health of the pregnancy (if you want to read more you can do so here.) Coming off of a miscarriage where the heartbeat was always in the “borderline” group – I felt like today was wildly important.

My biggest fear is that they’d be in the low end of the borderline group and I’d spend the next however many weeks waiting for the end. You’d think I’d be most afraid of no heartbeat at all, and while that would be terrible, I just don’t handle false hope well at this point. So, we went into today’s appointment with a TON of anxiety. They also bumped me up from 2 pm to 9 am (scheduling conflicts on their end) which for some reason caused me a lot of stress (granted I was happy to go in earlier).

At last -I was finally sitting on the table waiting for the doctor to come on in. He came in and said that we were looking for a heartbeat today (yes – singular heartbeat, I got the sense he was skeptical of his partners diagnosis of identical twins). I probably could have puked from my nerves during the 30 seconds between wand insertion and seeing the ultrasound. There they were, two little fluttering hearts. “Huh, sure enough. Identical twins” he said in obvious disbelief. This was a slight relief, but I still waited for the magic heartrate number (I probably should mention – 120 is the magic number for 6.3-7 weeks). We actually got to hear their heartbeats which surprised and delighted me. However they sounded soo slow, I was so sure he was going to say like 60bpm or something awful like that.

So Baby A – measuring in at 7mm…..drum roll please…..a lovely 121 bpm heartrate. Baby B – measuring at 6.2mm (one day smaller than their sibling) and a perfect 120 bpm. Truthfully I still can’t believe it. I think we can officially call this a miracle now.

I hope you all know how humbled we are by the road that got us here and that we don’t take a moment of this for granted. Although we still have a long way to go, this does feel different than our last 3 pregnancies.

We have another ultrasound on 6/30 to make sure each twin has its own amniotic sac (this would greatly lower risks to the babies). Only about 1% of identical twins share the same amniotic sac, but we tend to defy the odds ( .3% of babies born are identical twins ) so that doesn’t give us much comfort. However I have promised myself that I won’t let that little detail spoil my relief from hearing those perfect heartbeats.

I know I keep saying the next post will be my last, but I feel the need to let you all know that things are going alright. So I’m thinking I will post once we find out about the amniotic sac situation and perhaps again at the conclusion of the first and second trimester. Thank you all for your hopes, prayers and finger crossings. We so greatly appreciate all of your support. I have and will continue to follow all of your journeys in the meantime! Good luck to you all!