Nurse IVF Consultation – FINALLY!

It’s been a long couple of weeks waiting for this appointment, but it finally came! We arrived promptly at 8:55 am yesterday and were in a consult room with the IVF nurse by 9:05. There are 4 different IVF nurses at my clinic and you get to “choose” 1 or 2 to work with, so I approached this appointment as somewhat of an informal interview for her. Off the bat she had a couple of red flags

– A bit frazzled. She forgot to put her nametag on and she asked us if her teeth were whistling mid sentence.

– She wears invisalign. Those rubberbands are SO distracting to me!

-We almost witnessed her choke on a mint (on the plus side, she took it to save us from her coffee breath).

Scatterbrained. She forgot what she was talking about a couple of times and was easily side-tracked.

But overall, I still liked her. She was easy to talk to, happy to answer our questions, and didn’t talk down to us. She also recognized that we’d done our research and seemed to appreciate it. For now, she’ll stay in the running.

Back to the reason why were were actually there – paperwork, understanding the process, and scheduling. Really there were no surprises during the appointment, other than the amount of different types of injections. I knew it was a lot, but it’s like 5 different kinds!!!!  Two of which I have to do together (gonal-f & menopur) for over a week. I wish I would have counted the total injections, but I think it’s going to be around 36.

I’ve never wanted AF to come so bad in my life! Can’t get started on the pre-procedure month until she does. Going to give myself a couple of days and then I’ll try prometrium to get it going. Then, a couple of weeks of birth control while we do some testing (bloodwork, mock embryo transfer, and ultrasound). THEN we can get started on the real deal. So, I’m hoping for the actual transfer to be early to mid July, which she seemed to think was very feasible.

So, I should probably start getting back to a healthier diet, cutting out caffeine, and taking a few more walks during the week. I’m going to enjoy the long holiday weekend with my friends and family (have ONE beer) and then I’ll go cold turkey on all things amazing & fun bad for me.


Stupid Pricks

Stupid Pricks

When I was 16 years old, I had to have some bloodwork done. I think I put it off for months because I was so terrified of having my blood drawn. Finally when the doctor wouldn’t allow me to postpone it any longer. I had my dad go with me for moral support, oh did I cry! The nurse must have thought I was a lunatic.

Flash forward about 8 years later, I got my first flu shot at work (they offer them on site once a year). The nurse administering my shot was especially brutal and it freaking hurt. I felt a little off afterwards, but decided to go back to the meeting I was in anyway. About 5 minutes later, sitting across from my boss in a meeting of about 10 people, I passed out. Our staff “emergency team” was notified, and boy did it make quite the scene. I think that may have been the most mortifying moment of my life. Throughout the rest day, different members of the emergency team came to check on me. I think one even offered to drive me home.

So there is a brief summary of my first few experiences with needles. Since then, all in the name of fertility, I’ve gotten my blood drawn roughly 50 times, administered over 30 shots to my stomach, and am on my third acupuncture visit. Quite the turn around, huh?

I started acupuncture three weeks ago. TV, movies and bloggers made me feel like in order to be on a true infertility journey, you have to at least give it a try. I must admit, I kind of like it! Does it work? I don’t know yet, I’ll tell you next week. She did have a special treatment for after my IUI, all focused around getting more blood to my uterus. Today, we mostly focused on my head as I’ve had an on-and-off migraine for about 6 days now. It does seem to help for migraines, but we’ll see on the fertility side.

Anyone have luck with acupuncture for infertility?