Husband for the win!

I always wake up before my husband (I’ve got to think of a nickname to use for him on here) on the weekends. But I slept in a bit Sunday morning as I had a migraine the night before, so when he woke up at the same time as I did it didn’t faze me. With very cute sleepy eyes he asked if I could feed the dog because he was acting hungry. So I went into the closet where we keep the bin of dog food and on top of the bin was a gift bag with a card.

My husband is more of a show-his-love-everyday kinda guy rather than a big gesture guy. I was not at all expecting anything for mother’s day, and I don’t mean the “oh you shouldn’t have” not expecting, it actually never crossed my mind. So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the bag & card there. I brought it back into bed, where my husband was still laying, to open.

The card was from “the dog” and inside was a letter about what a good mother I was. I should probably mention that we are obsessed with our dog and have developed a personality/voice for him that we use daily. He mentioned things like enjoying our nightly snuggles and how I let him take as long as he likes smelling things on our walks. Folks, my tear ducts are not broken! Massive alligator tears alert! The letter ended with a P.S. saying he sent dad with a list to the store of things he thought I’d like. Here’s what was inside –


The rawhides cracked me up, husband said he just followed the dog’s list so what was he to do? As I was opening it up, the dog stuck his head all the way into the bag, I knew something must be for him. Anyway, it was just hilarious because if my dog could have actually bought me a gift, I think these were all things he really would have gotten.

So, husband for the win! It really wasn’t a bad day, how could it be when I have someone who loves me that much? It was definitely in the top 3 sweetest things he’s ever done and I will never forget it. Now to decide what to spend my gift card on at Marshalls J


Mother’s Day won’t bring me down!

I’m not sure if it’s because we have a fun busy weekend planned or that IVF is on the horizon, but I’m just not all that upset about Mother’s Day this year. Every now and then a commercial hits a nerve, but really it has been minimal. I suspect the actual day won’t be my favorite as we’re spending it with my in-laws who suck at dealing with us aren’t overly sensitive to our needs. But I figure if I go into it not feeling too down, I should be able to tolerate it. 

Back to the positives! I am most excited that I don’t need to cook at all this weekend. Friday we’re going out to dinner with my parents for mother’s day, Saturday we are going out to celebrate my SIL’s graduation from college, and Sunday we’re having dinner catered to celebrate mother’s day with my MIL. No cooking = happy me! We also are having some family over for a game night and going to watch my FIL run a marathon. All fun stuff! 

I’m also really excited to give all the gifts I have prepared. My husband & I were debating this morning which of us likes to give gifts more. We are both REALLY into gifting, we love finding that perfect gift! I’ve been extra into it lately as I’ve also been making cards and corresponding gift tags. I don’t have my mother’s day ones done quite yet (don’t judge, I’m a procrastinator), but here’s a birthday card I recently did –


Anyway, my mom is getting a keyboard case for her ipad mini (she’s going to Australia this year and didn’t want to bring her laptop, but wasn’t sure she’d be able to type efficiently on her ipad), my SIL is getting a shirt with a funny graphic design reference (that’s what her degree is in), and my MIL is getting a really pretty spring Vera Bradley tote (she loves a good floral print and is always lugging things around). 

So for now I’m going to enjoy not being mopey about this mother’s day. I know next year will be a much different story if I’m still without a belly or a baby (and much, much less money). Stay strong my friends!