Last day of provera!

The last time I had to take meds to get AF to visit, I took aygestin. So of course I have a bunch of notes on how quickly she showed up after the last pill. However, I’ve never taken provera today so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. Is it unrealistic to hope it comes by Monday? I gotta get this pre-procedure month going before I go CRAZY! 

I’m hoping the wait til IVF won’t be so bad when I at least have things to accomplish (mock embryo transfer, bloodwork, order IVF meds, etc). I am also REALLY hoping that I’ll get my IVF schedule once we know CD1. It is killing me to not know when it’s going to take place. Granted, I’m not looking forward to all the shots/pain/mood swings/bloating, but I hate limbo too. Oh and I am giving up caffiene, booze & sugar as soon as AF shows, so I’ll  miss them too. Pros and cons. 

Have a good weekend everyone!


Provera Day 4 – Feelin shitty

Since my body is apparently unaware I’m a female, I have to take provera to start AF since I wasn’t on any meds last month and hence didn’t ovulate. Nothing makes you feel like a woman like being unable to have a baby or even get a period, HA! This is my rational to buy as many skirts & dresses as my closet can hold, I need to at least dress feminine. 

I gave myself an extra few days for AF to come on her own, since the medicated route takes at least a week. But to no avail. Originally nurse Invisalign (I think I shall call her this, after writing my original post about her) had called in a prescription for prometrium, but I discovered that would cost me $100 vs $5 for provera. A quick call through my clinic’s IVF line and it was corrected for me. 

I did however, forget that provera messes with my head – quite literally. I struggle with migraines as it is and provera does NOT help. So since I started taking them, I’ve basically had a constant migraine (with varying levels of pain). Currently it’s totally manageable, but I am not my chipper self (yes – I am annoyingly able to remain chipper through all this IF BS). Sunday however, I had one of the worst migraine episodes ever. I woke up every hour in agonizing pain and went on to spend the majority of the day in bed. Which was a major bummer considering it was a LOVELY 78 and sunny outside. 

Anyway, I just want AF to come so I can start my pre-procedure month. Although, pre-procedure month means birth control and my head does not tolerate that well either. So basically I just need to prepare to feel shitty for the foreseeable future. I’d rather feel like hell and actually be in the IVF process than feel great and do nothing, so I guess there’s that.