I should be better at waiting

So if you’ll recall from my last post, I am waiting on our Maternit21 results. I’m so thankful this test was an option for us so we won’t ever have to consider an amnio. I really think in the next 2-3 years this test will completely replace the amnio. I mean a 99% negative and 93% positive result is pretty damn accurate. Anyway, I was told we would get the results in 5-10 business days. Most people report getting the results in about 6-7 business days, however we are fortunate to live in the same city as one of 3 labs that performs this test. So I have to assume that would save a day or so in shipping time. 

Today is day 5, so it is my belief that as of now the phone could ring at any moment. Which I’ve found to be incredibly more nerve wracking than the previous 7 days when I wasn’t expecting to hear anything. Any time my phone lights up, I pee a little bit (ok not really, but just about). I am trying not to obsess TOO much as I believe it is causing me stress. But man, waiting to hear if both of your babies are healthy is about as nerve wracking as it gets.

Thankfully our NT screening results were in the normal range (which detects 70-75% of trisomys) so that does give me some comfort that our results will come back just fine. But I can’t help but to still worry. 

To top it all off, part of this test includes revealing the gender of the babies. Which obviously is another amazing upside to this test. To definitively know the gender of your babies at 14ish weeks is pretty awesome. We will of course find out, I am a planner. I also think people who want to be “surprised” are borderline insane. 

Our plan is once I get the call, I will then set into motion my plan on how to reveal to my husband the gender. I have two plans based on the time of day I get the call (he insists that he must know the day I find out, not that I blame him). A more elaborate plan if I get the call before lunch and a less elaborate plan if I find out later in the day. I’d love to share these plans with you for your opinions, but my husband reads my blog 🙂 However if anyone has any great ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

For the next few days, prayers are appreciated. Prayers for a “negative” result (not negative as in bad but negative as in negative for any trisomy) and fingers crossed that the results are in sooner rather than later. I will post as soon as I find out!


AF, you’re a miserable bitch

99% of the time, the crimson tide is the antithesis of what we hope for in our infertility journeys. However in certain scenarios, we need shark week to be on in order to proceed. If you’ll recall, I took my last provera LAST FRIDAY. That was FIVE DAYS AGO! Please help me understand why I have yet to get my monthly visitor

Last night I went to bed with some slight cramping in my lady parts. I woke up in the middle of the night to pee and the cramps were still there enough. They were strong enough that I was FLOORED when there was not even the slightest of pinks on the toilet paper. Nothing wakes you up like finding out you were not invited to the red party at Club Menses. Today the cramps are totally gone and still no invite. 

I JUST WANT TO GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD! I think I’ll call the RE office tomorrow and see what I should do. I’d call today but I don’t want to be told that I have to take another rag-starter that will last another 10+ days. I should have asked for aygestin from the start since I’ve had success with that in the past, but I figured all red river-starters were about the same. GAHHH! 

This is just so infuriating because man, if my body can’t even do this right, how can I expect it to ever make/carry a baby? Hoping that all my anger/irritation today is because I’m checking into the Red Roof Inn and this is all just PMS. However I’m pretty sure this is justified frustration, so maybe not.

Euphemism for period = 8



Last day of provera!

The last time I had to take meds to get AF to visit, I took aygestin. So of course I have a bunch of notes on how quickly she showed up after the last pill. However, I’ve never taken provera today so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. Is it unrealistic to hope it comes by Monday? I gotta get this pre-procedure month going before I go CRAZY! 

I’m hoping the wait til IVF won’t be so bad when I at least have things to accomplish (mock embryo transfer, bloodwork, order IVF meds, etc). I am also REALLY hoping that I’ll get my IVF schedule once we know CD1. It is killing me to not know when it’s going to take place. Granted, I’m not looking forward to all the shots/pain/mood swings/bloating, but I hate limbo too. Oh and I am giving up caffiene, booze & sugar as soon as AF shows, so I’ll  miss them too. Pros and cons. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

Nurse IVF Consultation – FINALLY!

It’s been a long couple of weeks waiting for this appointment, but it finally came! We arrived promptly at 8:55 am yesterday and were in a consult room with the IVF nurse by 9:05. There are 4 different IVF nurses at my clinic and you get to “choose” 1 or 2 to work with, so I approached this appointment as somewhat of an informal interview for her. Off the bat she had a couple of red flags

– A bit frazzled. She forgot to put her nametag on and she asked us if her teeth were whistling mid sentence.

– She wears invisalign. Those rubberbands are SO distracting to me!

-We almost witnessed her choke on a mint (on the plus side, she took it to save us from her coffee breath).

Scatterbrained. She forgot what she was talking about a couple of times and was easily side-tracked.

But overall, I still liked her. She was easy to talk to, happy to answer our questions, and didn’t talk down to us. She also recognized that we’d done our research and seemed to appreciate it. For now, she’ll stay in the running.

Back to the reason why were were actually there – paperwork, understanding the process, and scheduling. Really there were no surprises during the appointment, other than the amount of different types of injections. I knew it was a lot, but it’s like 5 different kinds!!!!  Two of which I have to do together (gonal-f & menopur) for over a week. I wish I would have counted the total injections, but I think it’s going to be around 36.

I’ve never wanted AF to come so bad in my life! Can’t get started on the pre-procedure month until she does. Going to give myself a couple of days and then I’ll try prometrium to get it going. Then, a couple of weeks of birth control while we do some testing (bloodwork, mock embryo transfer, and ultrasound). THEN we can get started on the real deal. So, I’m hoping for the actual transfer to be early to mid July, which she seemed to think was very feasible.

So, I should probably start getting back to a healthier diet, cutting out caffeine, and taking a few more walks during the week. I’m going to enjoy the long holiday weekend with my friends and family (have ONE beer) and then I’ll go cold turkey on all things amazing & fun bad for me.

Top 5 Reasons I hate the TWW

5) The waiting. I much prefer the feeling of actively doing something for the first two weeks (doctors appointments, injections, sex, acupuncture). 

4) The vaginal progesterone. I very much dislike the crazy dreams and the morning drips. 

3) The spending all of my free mental energy debating what to do definitely next time. Should I ask to start meds on CD4 instead of CD3? Should I do acupuncture the day after the IUI instead of the day of? Should we abstain 3 days before collection instead of 2? Should I wiggle my nose and tap my feet at the same time or wiggle my nose and THEN tap my feet after the IUI? Ok I’ve never had that EXACT thought, but just about.

2) The morning before test day. I am unable to get any quality sleep and am plagued by dreams where I take test after test. Around 3 or 4 am I inevitably give up trying to get back asleep and just take the stupid test. I’m then unable to go back to sleep and the black cloud if anger attaches itself to me for the remainder of the day.

1) The constantly evaluation of my pee frequency, boobs, or any flash of nausea or lack there of. Whenever I think I am, I’m not. Whenever I think I’m not, I’m still not. Why bother?

4 more days to go. Why do you hate the TWW?