My new favorite month

Yesterday was our consultation with our RE to discuss IVF. It was pretty surreal to actually be talking about IVF with a doctor rather than just at home over dinner (or during lunch, breakfast, waking up, or going to sleep because we basically eat, drink & sleep IF treatment).  I had a lengthy list of questions ready, to which husband said “he’s going to hate us”. Luckily, I didn’t have to ask most of them as he answered the vast majority in his IVF spiel.

The most exciting part was discovering that they have some fancy-smancy new technology that they just got about 4 months ago. Basically it is time-lapse imaging of the embryos. My RE equated it to being able to pick a basketball team based on scouting players playing a game rather than just standing side by side. They only have one machine so far, so space is limited but with our history of m/c, we “qualify” to use it. It’s an extra $750, but if it means picking better embryos, sign me up! RE made it sound like it has really been increasing success rates, so we are cautiously optimistic!

Overall, he gave us about a 80-90% chance in 3 cycles; 50-55% with our first fresh cycle and 40-45% with every subsequent FET. I try not to read too much into the stats as we never seem to be the right side of them anyway, but this does feel a bit more promising. He mentioned that June might be closed or close to closing (they can only take so many IVF cases per month) but that I should ask the front desk gal when we leave. I didn’t realize months “closed” so I didn’t breath until we found out we could still be fit in for June.

$1,200 later, we reserved our place in June!  I am still having a hard time accepting that we actually need to do IVF (I got pregnant 3 times off just stupid pills!) but we’ve been doing this long enough now that I know it’s time. So, while we wait for June I’m going to start doing yoga, walk the dog more, continue acupuncture and continue to modify my diet.  Good news to kick off our weekend! Happy Friday everyone!


Stirrup Socks

Stirrup Socks

I always have a pair of socks in my purse for my RE office visits. The stirrup feet thingys aren’t covered with anything at my office, so you put your feet directly on ice cold metal. I rarely wear socks to work, which is where I’m always coming from to my appointments. So, I carry a pair of socks in my purse and then slip them on while I’m slipping the clothes ‘from the waist down’ off for my scan ultrasounds. Does anyone else do this or do your clinic’s stirrups have booties?