Beta 2

I rushed around like a crazy lady this morning to get to the lab to get my blood drawn as soon as possible. Wait wasn’t too bad and I made it to work 30 minutes before my first meeting. Then came the hours of refreshing the lab result website to see what our number was this time. We had decided if it was anything less than 6,000 we wouldn’t be hopeful. 

Thankfully I had lunch plans with friends to stop me from checking the website for a while. I only texted husband 3 times during lunch to see if the results came back, nothing. On my way back to my desk I saw that my RE office had called, which must mean my numbers were in. I asked husband if he had checked and he hadn’t even noticed they came through yet, sheesh! I had a suspicion the number was at least decent because nurse who left me the message sounded way to perky to be calling with bad news. Anyway – 7440 was our second beta, so my hcg levels are doubling appropriately. 

Since you know, I didn’t know I was pregnant until like DAYS ago, I am already “overdue” for my first ultrasound (as the nurse put it). Got that scheduled for tomorrow already, 4:15 (perfect time, that way we can go home right after). Which I am so thankful for as I know the ultrasound is much more telling of the health of the pregnancy than the bloodwork. We MAY feel some relief/enjoyment if that goes well. 

This is the 4th time we’ve been to this point, so there just really isn’t much joy to be had anymore. I am so thankful we get another chance and I am extra grateful that this all happened as a mysterious chance. Unfortunately RPL has robbed all of the fun out of the process. We know all too well how this could end.

I will do an update after the ultrasound tomorrow and let you know if all looks well. If it does, I’ll be taking a break from blogging until I either miscarry or deliver. I may occasionally post if I have a scare (seeing blood or something) but no belly shots, craving updates, or “baby is the size of a whatever” updates from me. 

I will continue to read all of your journeys, hoping and praying the best for each of you. 


2 more minutes

I was 2 minutes from leaving to get my bloodwork when the clinic called. The conversation went something like this –

Nurse – We got your HCG beta back, your number was 3140.

Me – Ok, that seems low.

Nurse – Oh no, anything above 5 is good.

Me – Yeah but isn’t that when you do a beta right at 14 dpo? I am like 30 dpo, shouldn’t it be higher?

Nurse – Oh no, this is a very good number. Congratulations! Just go back on Monday and repeat an then we’ll get your ultrasound set up if everything still looks good

Me – ………………….ok………………………

So I guess I’ll wait until Monday to do the next beta. Any number I would have gotten back today wouldn’t have given me any peace anyway. However this lady is a moron (how is that possible?) if you are 30 dpo, a 7 beta would NOT BE OK! Oh well, whatever. I guess this is “good news”. Now we just have to be patient. Luckily we have a jam packed weekend and won’t have to stew on this all weekend. I’ll keep you ladies posted. Sorry for the excessive posting, but this is just about the most effed up thing yet in my journey. 

What’s in a number?

So I’m going back for another beta today. I know you technically should wait two days, but we’re out of town tomorrow. Plus, my clinic hasn’t even called me back to tell me what to do now that we got the first beta back. Gee thanks guys. The only reason I know what the first beta number was is because I got it drawn through the hospital rather than my clinic so I was able to check the results online. 

I know they say the doubling of the HCG is more important than the actual number itself. Which I do agree with, but when I compare my numbers to my last pregnancy, they just seem so low. Granted that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, so I guess I shouldn’t go by that. After some extensive googling I’ve decided I will be semi-sorta-kinda-optimistic that I could STILL be pregnant if my number has increased by 25% since yesterday.

The number we’re hoping for? 3800. If it’s 3800 or higher, I’ll hang on to some hope. If its between 3300-3800 I’ll be stuck in ambiguity land. And if its the same or lower than yesterdays 3140, I’ll know it’s time to call it. 

Still can’t believe I was even pregnant to begin with. Oh the irony. My husband is texting me the results (hopefully he’ll be feverishly hitting the refresh button) while I am hopefully taking my mind off all this at dinner and a play with my mom and sister (mom has no idea about any of this, sister does). As soon as I get home, I’ll post a quick update.