It’s 9 am; I’ve been up for 5 hours but I don’t mind.

We have been very lucky in that our boys are both very good sleepers. They go down around 10pm and wake around 6 to eat, then fall back asleep until 9. It is very rare that they wake in the middle of the night and if they do they usually are able to fall back asleep on their own. But they are still babies so of course there are nights where they will wake and need to be held.

Baby B woke up around 4 am. Somehow I had overslept my 2:30 am alarm to pump (I set my phone across the room so I actually have to get out of bed to shut off the alarm, otherwise I can just shut it off in my sleep. Somehow I managed to still shut it off in my sleep) but he woke me up. I desperately had to pump so husband had to tend to him for a few minutes while I quickly pumped.

I then took baby B out to the living room with me and turned on the tv. He didn’t seem to want anything, just to snuggle. He was wide awake so I knew I wouldn’t be going back to sleep. Instead of being irritated, I just enjoyed some 1 on 1 time with my little guy. I know these precious moments of him needing to just snuggle with his momma at 4 am will be few and far between. I also know how close I came to never getting to enjoy any moments like this.

Baby A woke up early as well, around 5 am. I guess he didn’t want to be left out! We all hung out until baby B finally got sleepy and went back to sleep. Baby A was wide awake and it was time for me to start getting ready for work, so I brought him in the bathroom with me while I took a shower. I kept peeking out at him from behind the shower curtain and he loved it.

I’m sure if this was an every night occurrence I’d pray for sleeping children, but since it’s only every now and then I’ll just enjoy them as they come! I am always grateful for our boys, but somehow these very early mornings are always a reminder of how lucky we are to have them!


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