20 Weeks


Yes, I’ve been a little absent in my posting lately. Rest assured I am still following all of your stories though! Still getting excited for all of the positives and disappointed for all the negatives. I haven’t been posting mostly because I just haven’t really felt compelled to post. I’ve been trying very hard to enjoy the in between appointments/milestone time and focus less on what’s next. I do want to continue providing you all with updates though, so here I am.

I’m happy to report I don’t have a ton to report! No news is definitely good news in my world. I can now share that we are having two BOYS though! We are so thrilled to be having boys (we are equally as thrilled to be having twins and even more thrilled to be pregnant at all). My husband grew up with all sisters and I think he feared living with all girls his entire life, so he was especially excited.

As of our last growth scan they both weighed exactly 5 ounces each which thrilled me to pieces (growth discrepancies in twins is one of the most common issues). We have another growth scan on Thursday so hopefully they are both right around the same weight; I believe we are hoping for a little over 10 ounces each. My fluids & cervix have been looking good as well.

I have had a bit of a problem gaining enough weight. My doctor recommended 20 lbs by 20 weeks. Since today is day 1 of week 20 I can tell you I did NOT make that goal, but I came in not too far behind at 15 pounds. I will now try and hit my new goal of 24 pounds by 24 weeks. I’ve read that weight gain between weeks 20-24 is more important than any other time in a twin pregnancy, so I’m going to be hitting it hard for the next month. Eating this much is really a full time job and not nearly as fun as it sounds.

The only other area of concern is baby A’s umbilical cord placement. It is off to the far side of the placenta and is known as “velamentous cord insertion”. My doctor tells me that this mostly only effects delivery and does make a c-section much more likely. I’m fine with a c-section if that is what needs to happen to get these babies out safely. I don’t really intend on having a birth plan other than, I’d like an epidural please!

So that’s where we stand today. Feeling extremely blessed and really starting to enjoy the pregnancy. I’ve really been feeling rather well all things considered. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue with your journeys! I will try and post a bit more regularly with updates when I have them.


3 thoughts on “20 Weeks

  1. Twin boys!!! That is so lovely – congrats!!! Am so thrilled to hear that everything has been going so well and that the little ones are so evenly matched weight-wise. I pray that you’ll reach your weight-gain targets on time and that the babas will keep on growing happily with no complications.xx

  2. I’ve been checking back periodically for updates and am so happy to hear things are going well. Twin boys! You must already have so many cute ideas for the nursery and outfits!

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