I can finally feel

After what seemed like forever, I finally got the call from my MFM office. Our MaterniT21 test results came back, NEGATIVE – FOR EVERYTHING! Our babies are completely healthy. I can not even explain the relief I feeI. I then was able to find out the gender of our babies, which I cannot share at this time as my husband does not yet know (and reads my blog). I’ll try and share tomorrow.

A funny side note, I did give my husband a good scare when I called him sobbing after I received the call. Of course he assumed something was wrong, but I was just so happy! I tried to get a hold of myself before I called him, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Sorry honey!

Thank you all for your prayers & well wishes, they have been answered! 



I should be better at waiting

So if you’ll recall from my last post, I am waiting on our Maternit21 results. I’m so thankful this test was an option for us so we won’t ever have to consider an amnio. I really think in the next 2-3 years this test will completely replace the amnio. I mean a 99% negative and 93% positive result is pretty damn accurate. Anyway, I was told we would get the results in 5-10 business days. Most people report getting the results in about 6-7 business days, however we are fortunate to live in the same city as one of 3 labs that performs this test. So I have to assume that would save a day or so in shipping time. 

Today is day 5, so it is my belief that as of now the phone could ring at any moment. Which I’ve found to be incredibly more nerve wracking than the previous 7 days when I wasn’t expecting to hear anything. Any time my phone lights up, I pee a little bit (ok not really, but just about). I am trying not to obsess TOO much as I believe it is causing me stress. But man, waiting to hear if both of your babies are healthy is about as nerve wracking as it gets.

Thankfully our NT screening results were in the normal range (which detects 70-75% of trisomys) so that does give me some comfort that our results will come back just fine. But I can’t help but to still worry. 

To top it all off, part of this test includes revealing the gender of the babies. Which obviously is another amazing upside to this test. To definitively know the gender of your babies at 14ish weeks is pretty awesome. We will of course find out, I am a planner. I also think people who want to be “surprised” are borderline insane. 

Our plan is once I get the call, I will then set into motion my plan on how to reveal to my husband the gender. I have two plans based on the time of day I get the call (he insists that he must know the day I find out, not that I blame him). A more elaborate plan if I get the call before lunch and a less elaborate plan if I find out later in the day. I’d love to share these plans with you for your opinions, but my husband reads my blog 🙂 However if anyone has any great ideas, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

For the next few days, prayers are appreciated. Prayers for a “negative” result (not negative as in bad but negative as in negative for any trisomy) and fingers crossed that the results are in sooner rather than later. I will post as soon as I find out!