MFM Appointment Report

Overall, I have mostly good things to report. There are two amniotic sacs, which really decreases our risks. The technician briefly thought there might be 2 placentas (and therefore fraternal) but that ended up not being the case, so they are identical. For the nuchal translucency test (to determine the likelihood of any trisomy or down syndrome) we were hoping for a number less than 2.5mm. Baby A’s was 0.79mm and Baby B’s was 0.91mm. These are PERFECTLY normal results and honestly ideal (I was mentally prepared for a 2). Thrilled about that. He did still offer us a fancy test (maternal T21) that will with 99% certainty tell us if the babies have an issue, which our insurance approved us for (since our last baby had Tri18), so we will be doing that as well just to be sure. We will get the results in 5-10 days.

The only blemish on our report card was a growth discrepancy. Baby A is currently measuring 12w3d where Baby B is measuring 13w3d, so a full week between them. I asked the doctor how concerned we should be at this point about that and he said “not very”. It could be because of a variety of reasons, some normal some abnormal. So we just have to hope that Baby A catches up soon. It is possible that Baby B is just measuring ahead (based on prior ultrasounds, I believe I am around 12w6d) and Baby A is just a little behind.

We did thoroughly enjoy the long ultrasound. It was REALLY incredible to see them both bouncing around in there. Definitely made it feel a bit more real.

I think since this is a “high risk” pregnancy we are just going to have to learn to live with a reasonable amount of uncertainty/fear. I was hoping I’d feel a bit more relief since the big two things were perfect, but now all I can focus on is the growth discrepancy. Anyway, I am definitely grateful for the mostly good report. We go back on August 21 for another ultrasound and hopefully an anatomy scan.


7 thoughts on “MFM Appointment Report

  1. Such brilliant news!! Am so glad that things are going so swimmingly. Really wishing you much peace and calm for this pregnancy and that it’ll go without any more hiccups. You so deserve a break!xx

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