MFM Appointment Report

Overall, I have mostly good things to report. There are two amniotic sacs, which really decreases our risks. The technician briefly thought there might be 2 placentas (and therefore fraternal) but that ended up not being the case, so they are identical. For the nuchal translucency test (to determine the likelihood of any trisomy or down syndrome) we were hoping for a number less than 2.5mm. Baby A’s was 0.79mm and Baby B’s was 0.91mm. These are PERFECTLY normal results and honestly ideal (I was mentally prepared for a 2). Thrilled about that. He did still offer us a fancy test (maternal T21) that will with 99% certainty tell us if the babies have an issue, which our insurance approved us for (since our last baby had Tri18), so we will be doing that as well just to be sure. We will get the results in 5-10 days.

The only blemish on our report card was a growth discrepancy. Baby A is currently measuring 12w3d where Baby B is measuring 13w3d, so a full week between them. I asked the doctor how concerned we should be at this point about that and he said “not very”. It could be because of a variety of reasons, some normal some abnormal. So we just have to hope that Baby A catches up soon. It is possible that Baby B is just measuring ahead (based on prior ultrasounds, I believe I am around 12w6d) and Baby A is just a little behind.

We did thoroughly enjoy the long ultrasound. It was REALLY incredible to see them both bouncing around in there. Definitely made it feel a bit more real.

I think since this is a “high risk” pregnancy we are just going to have to learn to live with a reasonable amount of uncertainty/fear. I was hoping I’d feel a bit more relief since the big two things were perfect, but now all I can focus on is the growth discrepancy. Anyway, I am definitely grateful for the mostly good report. We go back on August 21 for another ultrasound and hopefully an anatomy scan.


Ball of Nerves

Tomorrow is my first trimester screening. Honestly the wait hasn’t been that bad as we’ve been very busy. Unfortunately a lot of that busy was dealing with my grandpa who has recently had a couple of strokes (he’s now in rehab and hopefully will mostly recover). But some good busy too, a good friend’s upcoming wedding and a few fun summer days. Anyway, at long last the day is almost here.

I think I’ve spent more time wondering about what my results would have been had we chosen to do this with our last baby. We were just so happy to be pregnant that we didn’t even look into what testing was available. Had I known that this first trimester screening was just a really long ultrasound with some bloodwork, I probably would have done it.

Mostly I’m glad we didn’t do it because assuming our results would have came back “high risk” (our last baby had T18) we would have had to make the difficult decision on having an amnio or doing CVS. So I suppose it probably worked out the way it should have, but it would have been nice to have a frame of reference for how accurate the testing would have been for me specifically.

Obviously the nuchal thickness result is a big deal and obviously we are hoping for a “normal” result. However we also have another big hill to climb tomorrow, are our babies in their own amniotic sacs or are they sharing? If they have their own, they both have a MUCH better chance of survival (no worries of cord choking). My OB hasn’t seen MOMO twins (one amniotic sac, two babies) in 10 years, I told her I hope not to break her streak.

The actual odds of them being MOMO twins are about 1 in 100. So you’re thinking, oh well then I should be good, right? Wrong. The odds of having identical twins are 1 in 350 (done). The odds of having a miscarriage after 14 weeks are 1 out of 200 (done). The odds of having a T18 baby at my age (28) 1 out of 2500 (done). I’ve managed to beat a few other crazy infertility/fertility odds as well (getting pregnant without any meds after 2.6 years of trying) but this post can’t last all day. So forgive me that I tend to be a bit skeptical with odds as I seem to often be the exception. Even my OB laughed when I asked her what the odds of them being MOMO were, we both know the odds don’t matter when it comes to me.

Anyway, it’s just a big day tomorrow. I have already reminded myself that even if I get perfect results tomorrow, that still doesn’t mean I’m guaranteed two healthy babies. I’m such an optimist (ha!). I really am trying to stay positive though, I know good vibes are important for growing babies. I’m really trying.

So if you all have a spare moment, please cross your fingers, say a little prayer, or send me some good vibes for this appointment tomorrow morning. Thank you!

11 Week OB Appointment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, sorry about that. Just not a whole lot to report right now (which is a good thing!). Mostly I’ve just been laying low and counting the days until my next appointment.

On Tuesday I had my appointment with my OB, this is the doctor that got me pregnant on times 2 & 3. She also did my D&C and has been with me the majority of my journey. So needless to say I was very excited to see her.

Her nurse was so sweet (each doctor at my office has their own designated nurse), she just couldn’t believe our good luck (that makes 3 of us!). She just kept saying – twins, wow! I feel guilty when people get so happy & excited about it and I’m all like “ya…we’ll see how it goes”. Anyway I still appreciated her enthusiasm.

OB gave me a hug when she came in and we chit chatted for a while. Then she did a pap & full body exam before getting out the magic listen to the babies machine. I know this is probably super exciting for most, but I actually have my own fetal doppler at home and it works just as well. So we’ve already heard them 4-6 times, but still nice to have a doctor listen to them and say it all sounds good.

What I was most looking forward to with this appointment was getting my first trimester screening scheduled. We’ve never opted for this before, but since our last baby had trisomy 18 – we figured we should do it this time. My OB was really hoping I’d be able to get in next week so that they could also check to see if each baby had their own amniotic sac, since we still don’t know that and would drastically change how risky this all is.

Unfortunately they aren’t able to get me in until July 29. But that will be the day before the 13 week mark, so assuming they tell us all looks normal, I will allow myself to finally enjoy this. We are so hoping that the results aren’t borderline or high risk for a trisomy (obviously). I really need those results to be good to feel any relief or joy, otherwise I’ll be filled with worry for the next 5-6 months.

It’s a 90 minute appointment, so I am excited for that (again assuming everything looks good). The first 60 minutes are primarily the ultrasound and the second 30 minutes are a consult. I’m anxious to see how often they want to see me going forward. Of course I’m also anxious to know if they both have their own amniotic sac, the odds say they will but I tend to defy all odds (obviously) so that doesn’t mean much.

I’ve had a ton of headaches, mostly lazy and tired, and throw up once in the morning now and that’s it. But I’m thankful for any and all symptoms, no complaints here. Still really haven’t told many people (other than immediate family & our favorite aunt & uncle). I’ve had to start wearing looser fitting tops to work as I do have a little bump after eating (no worries – I don’t plan to take or post bump pictures – gross). Anyway, so that’s where I’m at. Prayers & well wishes for our babies are appreciated! Congrats to everyone who’s gotten their BFP lately and good luck to anyone on or approaching their TWW!

Graduation Day

So after a long week wait of being very, very nervous that our babies were still healthy & growing, I finally had my 8w4d ultrasound at the clinic. I had truly prepared for the worst, having been through the worst 3 previous times. Thankfully, all is still well with our lil guys (or gals). Baby A measured 8w5d and had a hr of 172. Baby B measured 8w4d and had a hr of 165. Obviously their growth is right on target and I’m told those heartbeats are great (and I refuse to Dr. Google otherwise). Unfortunately, we couldn’t see yet if they each had their own amniotic sac yet or not (which would decrease the risk to both of them). The doctor thought MAYBE she could see one individual sac, but that it was just too early. So now we’ll have to wait another 3 weeks for the NT scan to be sure. 

I was hoping to milk the clinic for one more ultrasound, but she said it was time to graduate me just to my OBGYN (and eventually a MFM dr. as well). So I was congratulated, handed some baby magazine, and sent on my way. A fertility clinic graduate, put that on my resume! Anyway, you’d think that’d be a big milestone, but it just feels kinda empty to me. Of course I am thrilled we’ve gotten nothing but good results so far, but I just can’t help but still be skeptical. Granted, we are already farther than 2 of my 3 last pregnancies. I think perhaps after the NT scan I’ll allow myself to believe its real (assuming we get another good report card).

I’m so very relieved that everything is still ok. And the morning sickness is starting to kick in a bit, which is such a nice reminder that hopefully things are working as they should. So we just continue to wait, hope & pray! Thanks for all of your support!